Job Hunting

The year is 2018 and job hunting just isn’t what it used to be. In the old days, you flicked through the job section of your local newspaper and responded to a few job ads, faxing your CV document through, ( I’m really giving my age away) and then you’d wait for the phone to ring. You would don your best interview outfit, attend a few interviews, first round, possibly a second and maybe even a third …but after 3 interviews and a handshake, you were very likely to receive an offer.

Today’s job market is fiercely more competitive, companies hiring processes have become more rigorous, online applications and the lack of response make you feel as though your CV lands in a giant black hole and being invited for a 4th interview, after completing a 5 hour psychometric assessment and meeting the HOD, doesn’t mean an offer will be forthcoming.

The emotional roller coast ride of job hunting in today’s market can leave you feeling stressed, at your wit’s end and ready to commit hurry curry.

What you really need is your sense of humour in-tact and a truckload of patience.

As someone that has spent years in the recruitment industry I can offer the following advice, don’t personalize your job search, in other words, don’t take the lack of response or feedback personally, just keep going, keep applying, have a strategy. Be clear in your mind about why you’re looking and where you see yourself going forward, this is half the battle won.

Be ready, technology is changing the way companies engage talent, so you need to be as prepared for that unexpected telephone call from a recruiter as you do a face to face interview.
Apply for jobs relevant to your skill set and expertise and make sure your CV speaks to the requirements of the job you’re applying for. List your achievements. I’m always surprised when I do an online search of a candidate and there is nothing to be found on social media. Hello?! Where are you?! This is the 21st century … and if you’re not into FaceBook or Insta at least have a LinkedIn profile. Your LinkedIn profile and CV need to tie up, but that save for another post.

Know your worth and be your authentic self! Don’t forget it’s a journey and the destination will arrive, you will find your ideal job…it’s just a matter of time.

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